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Please note that the mock up photos are not always 100% to scale although it is meant to match as close as possible. Measure out the sizes before you make a commitment to a painting. 


Paintings are generally not framed unless specified on the details. They will always be professionally framed. Paintings up to 24" x 36" can come with a complimentary floater frame. Please make sure to ask for it. They come in black, white, or natural wood. 


Paintings are generally priced by size but will depend on the hours it takes to create a piece as well.

There are exceptions of special buys at art markets or from galleries and online representation The galleries or sites have the right to change pricing to fit their market and for sales they may have.

Visit Saatchi Art to get an idea of pricing. Thank you.


Most shipping is free worldwide up to a certain size. Oversized paintings will be shipped in a crate or unrolled. Most will be boxed and sealed for safe travels. Please allow 1-2 weeks for an original painting to be at your residence or place of business if ordered directly from the artist. 3-4 weeks if a frame is requested. There can be expedited shipments but there will be extra costs and need to be arranged prior to purchasing orders. You are responsible for shipping fees related to customs. 

Customers and collectors are responsible for their own customs fees from their home country. Please look this up if you have concerns. (Paintings cannot be insured properly without stating their exact specifications and reason to be traveling to other countries).


Are allowed up to 5 days after it has arrived at your residence or business as long as the painting is in it's original condition and if the artist is contacted right away. It is possible to negotiate a different price for small damages that may be occur through transit.  

It is very important you are able to check the painting for damages within the 1 day upon arrival to the requested destination or it will not be returnable. Please make the proper arrangements for paintings arrival.


Purchasing art online can be difficult so please reach out to the artist via email, phone, or social media if you are interested in any artwork. We can answer questions directly and have a conversation. When you're finally ready to make the decision, make a purchase offer.

Arrangements to see the painting in person before purchasing is possible depending on your location. Payments will be paid in full prior to being shipped. Payments are not final as paintings are returnable.

Artwork is only sold directly here, in person,,, or a representing gallery in person. Do not purchase ThienArt artwork anywhere else.


Mockups used:

<a href="">Image by alexandercho</a> on Freepik

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Thien Duy Nguyen 

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